Is Writing Notes into your note pad Better than Typing into the IPad? 

I was looking back over some notes yesterday, looking for a specific reference. OMG the borders of my notes pages were full of doodles, reminders of things to do that had nothing to do with the topic I was on and little snippets of suggestions, ideas with notes like…. check xxx, look into xxx, ask xx about xxx, call xx to discuss xxx…… all this extras information would have been lost if I took no notes at all or if I was typing them into an IPad or such like.
I have never been able to come up with anything to beat the pen and not pad…. have you any suggestions that you have made work for you?  Please let me know….
Also check out the Wall Street Journal article which discusses how Writing note is better that typing notes, some interesting information…
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Aogán Ó Fearghaíl 38th President of the Gaelic Athletic Association

The first Cavan man to hold that office in the 130-year history of the GAA while on a visit to Lacken Celtic GAA this May was presented with a special pen made by Richard Daly Crafts based in Pottehee, Ballinagh, Cavan.Aogán Ó Fearghaíl President of the Gaelic Athletic Association

The pen is made with Ash from the first hurley broken in play by our first ever SENIOR St.Feilims team.

Aogán described the gift made from the broken hurley not as a pen but as a decommissioned weapon :-)

A great night was had by all and we wish to thank Aogán for visiting us and taking part.

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